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Let Yourself Shine


Are you ready for change?

Taking action is the first step.

Embark on a journey towards healing and empowerment!

Book your FREE 20 minute Clarity Session now and take the first step towards unlocking your full potential. Your transformation awaits! 

Feel empowered and motivated with a clear understanding of your path forward.

During this 20 minute session you will be heard and given the space to become clear and aware of what has been keeping you stuck and what you need to shift out of the old patterns and propel forward into comfortably and confidently loving who you are.


Session Details & Rates

What You Should Know...
When you work
with Felicia, you are embarking on a journey of healing and awareness. As you understand how to break free from unhealthy patterns and beliefs, you will gain confidence, feel empowered, and learn how to NAVIGATE your way through life during the great, and not so great times.

Working with Felicia allows you to step away from looking for the external to make you happy. As you tap into your power and inner wisdom, you will be able to  truly recognize that you are enough, and when you trust and believe that you are enough, you can connect with the confidence, love, and joy that resides within you!

Embarking on a journey of healing is empowering, and by doing so, you will begin to experience the freedom, joy, success, and love that you have been longing for.


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Sessions are offered In-Person

Online Via Zoom 

Heartfelt Healing
Your Path to Empowerment 


Heartfelt Healing is a transformative 6-session series designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and healing through the powerful combination of somatic counseling, energy movement, and inner child healing. Over the course of six consecutive weeks, we will embark on a holistic exploration, unraveling the layers that shape your beliefs, behaviors, and patterns.


 Embark on a personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment. By the end of this transformative series, you will not only understand yourself on a deeper level, but you will also embrace a path filled with confidence, authenticity, and the knowledge that you matter.

This Work Is For You If:

 🌻 You have a deep desire to create positive change in your life. 

 🌻 You are ready for healthy and loving relationships.

 🌻 You feel a calling to live a purposeful life but aren't sure where to start.

 🌻 You want success and happiness.

 🌻 You're looking to cultivate a sense of empowerment, find your voice, and embrace confidence.

 🌻 You're tired of feeling insecure.

 🌻 You understand the value of self-investment and are ready to prioritize your well-being, and commit your time, energy, and resources to your personal development.

 🌻You are ready to set boundaries, meet your needs, put yourself first and stop people pleasing to feel love and accepted.

 🌻 You're tired of blaming and shaming yourself.

 🌻 You are done feeling stuck and like you are not enough.

 🌻 You are ready to recognize and tap into your inner strength and beauty.

Are you ready to take action and embark on a deep and transformative journey? Heartfelt Healing is your invitation to create lasting change. Embrace who you are, feel worthy, build resilience, and discover the depth of your own capabilities. Self-love and happiness awaits! 

Schedule Your Free Clarity Session

To work with me, I require a Clarity Session together before committing to a full Session Series. This allows me to understand you on a deeper level, grasp your unique aspirations and needs, and tailor our Session Series to best support your healing and empowerment journey.


*Single Sessions are only offered after the 6 Session Series is completed.
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Clarity Session
No Cost


What's Included:

  • 20 Minute Session Via Zoom

  • Become Clear about your intentions for healing

  • Understand what you need to move forward 

  • Get to know Felicia

  • Identify key areas for potential growth and healing

  • Get Your Questions answered

  • Learn more about the Heartfelt Healing series and process

Heartfelt Healing
6 Session Series


What's Included:

  • 6 Sessions (Each session is 75 min.)

  • 1 recorded audio message per week that includes key points from session and tools to help you navigate your way through life.

  • 1 personalized affirmation per session.

  • 1 check-in with Felicia per week. Questions, progress, and challenges can come up after session. Have an opportunity once/week to check-in with Felicia to remain on your path and keep you accountable.

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