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Compassionate Support That Makes A Difference

I offer a variety of services to help you move past the internal challenges in your life. I will guide and encourage you as you explore and identify what is in your way of stepping into your authentic and whole self.

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HEALING AND INSPIRATION - $90 First Session Special Offer

(90 minute session-$115)

Healing and Inspiration is a fusion of Energy Healing and Body-Mind Coaching. 

This service is my favorite as it offers you the opportunity to go deep within to release old patterns and behaviors so you may awaken into your true self.

The self that you know deep inside your heart is special, whole, and wonderful. The self that is confident and ready to be seen as you are, so you may share your gifts, talents, and courage with the world!

In a Healing and Inspiration session we will begin with Inspirational Coaching. This portion of the session is 50 minutes in length and includes inquisitive dialogue, exploration through visualizations, and tracking stored emotion in the body. The techniques used will allow the emotional blocks in the body to rise to the surface as we explore and confront  the specific issues and challenges that deplete you, and hold you back from enjoying yourself.

During the second portion of the session, your body will continue to release and restore itself as you receive 30 minutes of energy healing. For the last 10 minutes of the session, we will complete with questions and insights. Healing and Inspiration sessions empower you to embody self-acceptance so you can step into your true potential as you release all that no longer serves you, and awaken to all that you truly are.

Embrace the unknown, Heal, let go, be fearless, receive clarity, and step into your unique self. As you do so, what you honestly desire to create into your life will reveal itself.

**The energy healing portion of the session is adjusted for ONLINE SESSIONS to include more visualizations and breathwork to move stuck energy in the body.



(60 minute session-$90)

This service is a favorite among many of my clients. Energy healing is a non-invasive alternative healing modality that is used to ​accelerate healing​ within the body, mind, and spirit.

A hands-on energy healing session is a wonderful service to utilize when you are feeling depleted and disconnected from your energy, or if you are experiencing:





Low Mood

​During this in-person session, you are fully clothed. The warm candle lit room filled with soothing scents and relaxing sounds, provides a nurturing environment that  will allow you to experience a state of deep relaxation and relief from stress.

Energy Healing aligns the body's energy centers (Chakras) to revive energy and vitality. As humans, we often tend to suppress our emotions. 

This session allows stored tension, stress, and agony in the body to be released and restored.

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Awake & Aware 

(5 consecutive 90 minute sessions- $550)

Are you ready to break free of old patterns that hinder you from comfortably being yourself?

Are you tired of having low self-esteem and feeling pessimistic?

Are you ready for self-transformation and new beginnings?


The package series offers consistency and dedication. While one session can initiate a shift, a package of 6-12 sessions is the way to escalate your growth and increase your awareness. When you fully commit to your healing process, shifts happen.

This offering includes the work from the Healing and Inspiration Session. You will receive 6 consecutive sessions that are 90 minutes in length. 

Each week you will gain awareness, receive insight, and learn unique tools that will allow you to break free from the negative beliefs and patterns that have been bringing you down and keeping you away from moving forward into the life you desire.

Find your peace and receive balance. Transform your dark into light and realize your truth.

Unleash your magnificence and let the beauty and strength of your heart and soul shine!

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Please check out my Upcoming Events page.

I also offer workshops, meditation, yoga, and sound healing...Oh My!!!

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Schedule Your In Person Session

Lets connect in person as you heal and let go of what no longer serves you.

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Schedule Your Online Session

Circumstances may not allow you to schedule a session in person. No problem! We can meet from the comfort of your own home. I offer Healing and Inspiration Coaching Sessions online.

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