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Embrace Who You Are

I am passionate about helping you live your best life and to be your best self because I spent so many years depressed, lost, stuck, sad, empty, and insecure.

I have a degree in Social Work, a combination of years of experience of coaching, counseling, and energy healing. I went through many trainings and received a number of certifications that allow me to offer coaching and practice the alternative healing modalities I strongly believe in, yet it is going through my own deep healing process that has given me the raw and real experience, tools, and qualifications to be able to be your guide and coach as you release your fears, negative beliefs, stress, and insecurities. 

For years, I used traditional therapy to help me find my way, yet I always felt like I was being told what to do. There were even a few times where I felt  judged. What was showing up in my therapy sessions, was happening in my own personal life. Everyone was telling me what to do and projecting their stuff onto me.  All I wanted was to be heard, accepted, and validated. 

I used many distractions to avoid and suppress my negative thoughts and low self-esteem. I tried to put on my mask and act confident and tough. I made many attempts to move forward and be like everyone else, yet I would constantly circle back to feeling lost, insecure, and depressed. I could no longer live a life where I was not being honest and true to myself and where I was not loving myself.

Energy Healing and Transpersonal Spiritual Counseling is what truly changed my life and allowed my spirit to awaken. Through this work, I confronted fears and negative thought patterns that were stored in both my mind and body. With a great deal of patience and self-exploration, here I am doing the work that helped me develop self-love and embrace who I am.

 My path of healing and self-realization allowed me to recognize that I am a unique individual. I spent a lot of my life feeling wrong, awkward, and uncomfortable in social settings. Once I was able to gain awareness and notice my negative thought patterns, my life changed in the best of ways. As I began to embrace my strengths and believe in myself, doors of opportunity began to open.

 I am here for you, yet I share my story to inspire. The determination, resiliency, strength, and courage that shines bright within me, shines bright within YOU. I am here to be a part of your journey as you find your way and radiate your light.

I absolutely believe that my purpose in this world is to inspire and encourage others to love who they are and to be who they are. I know what it is like to feel empty and lost, and I know what it is like to feel full and confidently aware. Whether you are looking for a Yoga Class, seeking a relaxing Energy Healing Session, or ready to dive deep with a Healing and Inspiration Coaching Session, my heart is filled with love and joy to guide and assist you as you heal, explore, and create balance within.

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I Am Looking Forward To Being A Part Of Your Journey!

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