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What to Look for When Choosing an Energy Healer in Albuquerque

Energy healing techniques can further uncover the root causes of pain and dysfunction, and can offer the possibility for deeper healing. How does one find a trusted and professional energy healer in the Albuquerque area without wasting time and money? Choosing the right practitioner to facilitate inner healing and spiritual growth can be achieved by doing some easy DIY prep work to clarify the main purpose of one’s mission – indeed, much like business planning, possessing a clear understanding of one’s needs and desires helps us choose not only a healing method but the means (one-on-one, group, online, in-person, etc.) and the practitioner him/herself.

In this post, we’re going to provide some tips that will help navigate this realm.

Connection: Feeling Safe and Comfortable with an Energy Healer

Energy healing is a very personal experience and since patients will undoubtedly be revealing details of a sensitive nature or situation that he or she has experienced, they need to feel safe, comfortable and connected to a practitioner. In short, an energy healer needs to be professional, trustworthy and represent someone who can understand the patient’s situation – devoid of judgement.

Modality: The Energy Healer Should Practice a Service That Speaks to the Individual

We often recommend that prospective patients review the types of healing services being offered by a given practitioner they may be interested in working with; if it feels comfortable and sparks curiosity, we suggest going with a gut feeling. But if someone finds him or herself abnormally resistant towards the treatment, it’s not logical to push forward.

Credentials: The Energy Healer Should be Certified

A responsible intuitive energy healer should have completed some decent formation around their modality before offering it; it’s important to keep in mind that some types of healing don’t demand formal training, and certain information may not be available online because details may have been passed down from generation to generation (or from skilled masters to appointed mentors/students).

For example: When desiring to work with a Reiki practitioner, a prospective student should make sure he or she is certified to practice Reiki Level 2 or higher.

Cost: Consider Budget

Like everything else in life, even healing sessions come down to money. It’s important to budget for more than one session – especially if an individual is experiencing a recurring issue for 10 or even more years – which can certainly add up in costs. In the plus column, some practitioners offer packages, and in the U.S. at least, certain types of modalities like Reiki are covered by insurance.

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