• Felicia Evans

Overcoming Habits and Hardships with Healing and Inspiration

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the challenges of overcoming lifelong destructive habits through the magic of healing and inspirational healing. To begin with, it’s important to understand that we’re all victims of our own addictions; our bad habits often control our lives in varying ways and amounts, with detrimental kinds of habits running the gamut from simple things like laziness or obsession with one’s cell phone to more serious addictions of tobacco, hard drugs or alcohol.

Ways Inspiration Helps

Replacing Negative with Positive Sounds simple enough, right? Half of one’s energy is spent in fighting the urge to submit to a negative habit, and one’s willpower can change over time. In the beginning, it may be strong, but the more you resist, the stronger your urge becomes. Rather than trying to fight your way through, replace your negative habit with the habit of, for example, spending some time outdoors – it’s a healthier option for your mind and body.

Making Life Challenging In this day and age of handheld electronics like phones and tablets, it’s difficult to ignore distractions, diversions and addictions. After all, with no Wi Fi and no signal, life can’t possibly be fun, can it? If you are serious about overcoming your addictions, simply putting a habit out of reach gives you the time to explore living without it is our point; you’ll be able to experience the difference it makes, while also gaining mental strength and a stronger resolve.

Understanding Oneself Spending time away from distractions helps you have a clear conversation with yourself. Most of our addictions come from a void in our life that we try to fill with the addition, and every time the feeling of emptiness returns, we try to accept the support of an external substance – smoking, alcohol or even a WhatsApp or Facebook post. Get to know yourself better, as it can help you find the source of your addictions and provide creative insights to break out of patterns and detrimental habits.

Come home, find a true friend and know yourself – these are the elements instilled by healing therapy expert Felicia Evans, who goes above and beyond a garden variety life coach. For some of the best inspirational therapy in Albuquerque, call Felicia Evans Healing at (505) 702-2601.

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