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What Is Transpersonal Energy Healing?

 I am a certified Transpersonal Energy Healer. This modality is a body/mind approach incorporating counseling and hands-on energy healing. 

In this modality, we work with the chakras (energy centers in the body). When the energy within gets stuck or blocked and does not get resolved, it can result in feeling stuck in repetitive patterns and emotional reactivity. 

 Transpersonal Energy Healing is a combination of coaching, active listening, emotional release work, breath-work, and visualizations that help you settle into your body. This unique approach gives you the opportunity to connect your feelings with where you feel the emotion in the physical body instead of remaining stuck with the negative thoughts and stories that the mind can create and hold onto deeply.

Energy Healing is different because it allows you to dive deep and get to the root of the problem, belief, pattern, and fear.

The coaching style and healing techniques I use to guide you through your healing process are different because I allow YOU to tap into your own wisdom and intuition, rather than giving you advice, offering an unwanted explanation about why you feel the way you do, or telling you what to do. 

I use a hands-on energy healing technique, visualizations, breathing exercises, and inquisitive dialogue that will bring you into your body, and face to face with the fears and limiting beliefs that have been consistently keeping you distant from  loving who you are.

Inspirational Coaching and Energy Healing allows you to increase your awareness and learn tools that will assist you in maintaining a strong sense of self. Through this work you will receive support and validation as you go through the process of self-exploration. 

Now is the time to step into your wonderful and loving self without feeling insecure, worry, regret, or self-doubt.

Explore my service offerings to find what service resonates with your heart's desire to feel worthy and deserving of the life you have always imagined for yourself.

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