Women's Share Healing Circle

We all experience challenges on this journey called life. Together we uplift and encourage as we connect and share. Be sure to RSVP, so I may send you the zoom link for the group. This is a FREE event!

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Women's Share Healing Circle

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About the event

Do you feel like there are a thousand steps you must climb before you feel good enough to simply be you? You are responsible, you have a job, you are always there for your family and friends, you are a kind and loving person, yet for some reason, you constantly compare yourself to others and point out everything you do wrong.  Even though you do your best to embrace self-confidence and embody self-love, you still feel unfulfilled and insecure. If you are nodding your head yes as you read this, I am here to tell you that you are not alone. Walking your own path while staying true to you, no matter what is not always easy. Yet, when you have a safe space to share and connect with other women who feel the exact same way, something within you begins to shift as you realize you are supported rather than alone. You stop judging yourself and you begin healing yourself. And guess what? That will lead to being yourself!

I have created the Women's Share Healing Circle so strong, courageous, and loving women like you can come and express the stress, insecurities, and inner challenges that reside within. In this group, you can be vulnerable in a safe space that will allow you to share what is holding you back from being and loving who you are. In this safe and loving circle, you get to be seen and heard. You get to ask for your needs and have your needs met to the best of the group's ability. You have the opportunity to realize that you are not alone. Everyone in this world is going through some kind of challenge. Everyone experiences insecurity and confusion within. Come join this loving circle to receive insight, validation, and compassion because you are not alone! How you are feeling matters!! Come as you are and be who you are because you deserve it and you are worth it!!

The structure of the group:

We will begin with introductions followed by a brief meditation to come into the space of togetherness and build a safe and strong container to share and be heard.  The topic or theme for discussion will be introduced and sharing will begin. Sharing is optional. It is just as healing to listen as it is to share. Maybe all you need that day is to listen and realize you are not alone and that you no longer need to judge yourself because you now know that other women feel the same way as you.

The length of share time depends on how many women join the group as the duration of the group is 90 minutes total. After each woman has completed her share, the facilitator may ask some follow up questions for further exploration. Then, the participant will be asked what she needs from the group. The individual can ask for praise or encouragement, she can ask to hear if others in the group have similar challenges and experiences, or she may feel complete because all she really needed was to be seen and heard. In this Women’s Share Healing Circle, the experience of being heard and accepted is very important because what you say and how you feel matters!  After sharing time is over, we will end on a loving note with words of encouragement, support, love, affirmations, etc.

This Women's Share Healing circle is offered every Saturday at the same time. Each group will have a similar structure to what is described above, yet each group will always be a little different depending on the needs and energy of the Women's Circle for each week.

I am looking forward to seeing you soon! 

Be sure to RSVP below, so I may send you the zoom link for the group.

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